Let’s be honest. This is me as a child, only it’s lacking the crippling fear of the Broadway Musical Cats. (Hint, I’m Liza)


Oh man.  Dating ads irritate me beyond belief.  Or maybe it’s that I’m already irritated due to ‘certain’ circumstances. I’ve been looking through ads for the last 5 or so hours (for school) and I swear these people are so lucky I can’t reach through the internet and shake them.  I think I might scream […]


Apparently I’m being uber offensive today…

So, I’d say that most of us know that what I primarily do has a lot to do with research… sexual research.  This of course leads me to stumble upon and witness many different types of sexuality as well as peculiar sexual toys. For the most part I choose to keep my non statistically significant […]

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I remember when I was a kid. And I mean a little kid. It started in pre-school. I’d get really apathetic about the stuff I was supposed to learn. I’d start having trouble sleeping. Back then I’d stop doing my homework. I wouldn’t participate in class discussions. I’d stare off into space and daydream in […]

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Single worst decision of my entire adult life?

Single worst decision of my entire adult life? Google image searching the phrase “butt bone”. Don’t do it. Especially with “safe search” off. Just. Don’t.

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I’m surprised this has never happened to me before…

I dropped by Mr. Tiny Balls’ work earlier to bring him cough medicine… As I was leaving, I got to the bottom of the stairs and saw something black on the sidewalk. I thought to myself ‘That wasn’t there when I went in, and nobody went in or out while I was inside… Weird, it’s […]

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What is Mr. Tiny Balls Doing Right Now?

I’ll give you three guesses… No. Nope. You wish… He’s taking a shower.  And why is he taking a shower?  Because he’s buying himself time so he doesn’t have to show me his ‘butthole’.  Yup. For the last several months I’ve been trying to get him to show me his ass.  But he won’t.  Why […]

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I Just Saw the Saddest Thing

I went outside to grab some air… There is a fox ‘couple’… a fox and vixen I suppose… that like to sleep under my car. I’m okay with that, I don’t drive my car a lot so maybe that’s why they stay there. Tonight I saw them trying to cross the intersection by my house.  […]

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I *HATE* Physio Psych!

So I says to Mr. Tiny Balls, I says: “Really, how am I supposed to take this class seriously, when they don’t even *teach* it?  It’s just online forms! Actual question, with actual answer options: The reference point for many stereotaxic atlases of the rat brain is a. smegma b. lambda. c. the intersection between […]

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Note to Self:

No more doodling pornographic pictures in the lab. Alright, so I can see where you might think pornographic artistry is something I partake in regularly.  However it is not.  Maybe, ah-yeah, when the… ah… mood really strikes. Like maybe once a year.  Seriously. But, I still do it.  Occasionally.  When I have reason for it.  […]

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